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*Aired on 9/14/2022 – Dr. Josie L. Traub-Dargatz MS, DACVIM & Dr. Ben Buchanan DACVIM, DACVECC will highlight lessons learned from the investigation and mitigation of a Salmonella outbreak that occurred in a veterinary teaching hospital. It will include a summary of the challenges faced by those who were charged with resolving the outbreak that had led to two closures of the veterinary hospital. The presentation will be followed by discussion of ongoing efforts to prevent outbreaks of Salmonella in equine veterinary hospitals.

*Eligible for 0.5 RACE CE Credit. Email us at sandurkar@fluxergy.com for more details.

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*Aired on 7/27/2022 – UC Davis PCR Lab Manager and experienced researcher Samantha Barnum, MS, gives an introduction on how to manage lab cleanliness, process, and potentially infectious samples in your POC PCR laboratory. She also will dive into considerations when using feces as a sample type for PCR testing.

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*Aired on 7/13/2022 – The Fluxergy R&D team dives into performance data and common hurdles to Point-of-Care Salmonella PCR testing. Learn how to maximize your Salmonella testing and get better results.

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