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Return Policy

Return Policy

To return a product, you must first obtain authorization for the return from Fluxergy Customer Support. You will receive a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and must reference this RMA number on return shipping documents. Returns made without the RMA number will be returned to its origin, freight collect. All product returns are subject to Fluxergy’s current Terms and Conditions.

Hazardous materials authorized for return must be decontaminated, packed, labeled, and shipped in accordance with DOT regulations governing transportation of hazardous materials and any other applicable requirements. Certain products may not be eligible for return due to regulatory or storage requirements. Use links below to download Decontamination Certificate and submit a request for RMA.

If you have not heard any update to your request by 48 hours, please email:


Form - Decontamination Certificate

Form - Request for RMA

Other Restrictions

This policy is subject to change without notice by Fluxergy. This policy is further subject to modification or revision as Fluxergy may deem appropriate or necessary to comply with applicable federal, state, local and international laws, rules and regulations, and any other applicable regulatory agency guidelines and restrictions.