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Transforming equine point-of-care

The first multimodal point-of-care PCR platform for equine testing, we’re redefining in-house care with fast, accurate diagnostics and improved biosecurity.

Featured assays

A fast, accurate qPCR test built to detect the eqbE gene from an equine nasal swab sample.
A simple, cost-effective test to ensure the veterinary hospital environment is protected from Salmonella.
Rapid, clinically-relevant detection of EHV-1 from an equine nasal swab sample.

Equine Assay Pipeline

We are excited to continue development on impactful equine panels. Our 10-phase stage gate development process leads the veterinary point-of-care industry in validation rigor. We are working on an equine respiratory panel, inflammation panel, and total nucleated cell count to add to our initial PCR offerings.




In Development



Multiple test types, one analyzer

Our platform can read molecular, immunochemistry, chemistry, PCR and cytometry assays, giving you the ability to run a variety of diagnostic tests in-house.

How wecan help

Reducing qPCR wait times

Current results can take up to one week depending on logistics. The compact on-site Fluxergy analyzer yields accurate results in less than one hour.

Preventing economic loss

Outbreaks can lead to millions of dollars in lost revenue. We deliver fast, accurate results to help you avoid shutdowns.

Freeing up space

Equine hospitals use an average of six different diagnostic systems, limiting space and increasing overhead. We combine them into one.

Rapid Field Diagnostics

80% of equine ambulatory veterinarians send out a majority of their lab testing. The Fluxergy Platform enables ambulatory veterinary teams to get accurate results on-site in less than one hour.

Resource Center

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Learning Center

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ISO 13485:2016
"Fluxergy technology has a great potential to start a new era in the diagnostic field"

Dr. Lucjan Witzkowski, DVM, PhD

Warsaw University of Life Sciences