A portable platform that consolidates testing to one device.

Fluxergy’s SARS-CoV-2 test, currently under evaluation, has been featured in:

Adaptable Technology

PCR, Chemistry, Immunochemistry and Cytometry all in one.

Rapid Results

Rapid test results for your laboratory developed tests for animal and research use in 45 minutes or less.

No Sample Preparation

Unique built-in properties eliminate sample preparation completely.


Achieve results for your laboratory developed tests for animal and research use in three simple steps.

Small Footprint

The Fluxergy device can fit into any lab space.

Growing Menu Of Reagents

Expand your current lab catalog and test-building capabilities.

Fluxergy Card

Disposable Test Cartridge – The Fluxergy Card is a disposable test cartridge designed for each type of laboratory test. Traditional sample processing steps are automated by mechanical and fluidic components on the card.

Integrated Loading Port - The integrated loading port with lid (ILP) allows for quick and effortless sample input. The Fluxergy Card’s ILP also features our True Seal technology, so once closed, the Fluxergy card becomes a fully self-contained cartridge negating the possibility of any sample contamination.

Multi-Target System - The Fluxergy Card utilizes a sample targeting system that allows for the multiplexing of test targets.

Fluxergy Analyzer

Highly Integrated Sensor systems – Our core device, the Fluxergy Analyzer, is a highly-integrated sensor system along with our sophisticated analysis algorithms. The Fluxergy Analyzer can be used for laboratory analyses such as PCR, ELISA, ISE, and cytometry based assays.

Active Cooling System – The active cooling system allows the Fluxergy Analyzer to rapidly manipulate the subjected sample to significantly decrease test times.

Fluxergy Works

Device Manager and User Interface – The software can be used on any PC, Mac, or tablet. It can control multiple devices and run multiple tests Simultaneously.

Cloud Access Enabled – Gain access to Fluxergy Works whether at the point of use or on-the-go. Fluxergy Works allows users to utilize the full functionality of the platform over the internet. Just login at the Fluxergy user portal and run Fluxergy Works.

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Latest Updates

Fluxergy Expands Research and Manufacturing Facility in Irvine, CA July 21, 2020
Fluxergy’s Irvine campus will encompass over 65,000 sq. ft, as the company seeks to quickly build capacity for producing a high-speed point of care diagnostic testing system...
Fluxergy, Mass General Brigham Partner to Evaluate Rapid COVID-19 Molecular Testing System July 8, 2020
NEW YORK – Fluxergy said on Monday that it is collaborating with Mass General Brigham (MGB, formerly Partners Healthcare) to evaluate Fluxergy's research-use-only...
Fluxergy to Collaborate with Mass General Brigham to Conduct Evaluation of One-Hour COVID-19 Test June 29, 2020
California-based Fluxergy today announced that it will work with Mass General Brigham (MGB), a major health system in Massachusetts, to further evaluate Fluxergy’s innovative
Fluxergy Announces $30 Million to Expand Manufacturing Capacity of its One-Hour Diagnostic System May 13, 2020
Fluxergy has requested Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA for its rapid diagnostic system in the U.S.
Fluxergy Submits Request for FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for One-Hour COVID-19 Test at POC March 30, 2020
EUA Application Follows Completion of Test Validation with Patient Samples by Physician-Scientists at UC San Diego
SARS-CoV-2 Update March 10, 2020
Initial tests by Fluxergy suggest this system has the potential to change the landscape for Point of Care (PoC) diagnostic testing for COVID-19, dramatically reducing the time

Our Manufacturing Process

We leverage printed circuit board manufacturing to make low-cost
lab testing consumables. Fluxergy’s goal is to enable gold-standard quality
results at the point of use.

Made in USA

Fluxergy is developing the future of laboratory testing.

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*Fluxergy’s products are for Research Use Only (RUO) and are not for use in diagnostic procedures. Fluxergy’s products are not yet cleared by the FDA or USDA for in vitro diagnostic use. None of the statements made on this website have been endorsed by the FDA or USDA.