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Transforming equine point-of-care

The first multimodal point-of-care PCR platform for equine testing, we’re redefining in-house care with fast, accurate diagnostics and improved biosecurity.

Featured assays

A simple and cost-effective method to detect the SeM/eqbE gene from an equine sample.
A simple, cost-effective test to ensure the veterinary hospital environment is protected from Salmonella.
A simple and cost-effective method to detect the gB/gD gene from an equine sample.

Multiple test types, one analyzer

Our platform can read molecular, immunochemistry, chemistry, PCR and cytometry assays, giving you the ability to run a variety of diagnostic tests in-house.

A streamlined workflow for the entire team

Horse nose swab

Select a test, collect a sample, and mix with supplied buffer.

Fluxergy testing card

Add sample and buffer mixture to selected Fluxergy Card.

Fluxergy analyzer with card

Insert Fluxergy Card into the Fluxergy Analyzer and run the test.


Upload data, manage, store, and analyze.


Dedicated Technical and clinical support

Your results are reviewed daily by a Fluxergy technical expert for rapid troubleshooting

On-site install and laboratory training

Available clinical and protocol support through network of key opinion leaders

Bimonthly webinars for free CE

Professor Nicola Pusterla


Professor Ben Sykes


Equine Assay Pipeline

We are excited to continue development on impactful equine panels. Our 10-phase stage gate development process leads the veterinary point-of-care industry in validation rigor. We are working on an equine respiratory panel, inflammation panel, and total nucleated cell count to add to our initial PCR offerings.




In Development



How wecan help

Reducing qPCR wait times

Current results can take up to one week depending on logistics. The compact on-site Fluxergy analyzer yields accurate results in less than one hour.

Preventing economic loss

Outbreaks can lead to millions of dollars in lost revenue. We deliver fast, accurate results to help you avoid shutdowns.

Freeing up space

Equine hospitals use an average of six different diagnostic systems, limiting space and increasing overhead. We combine them into one.

Rapid Field Diagnostics

80% of equine ambulatory veterinarians send out a majority of their lab testing. The Fluxergy Platform enables ambulatory veterinary teams to get accurate results on-site in less than one hour.


Listen to what our top customers and collaborators have to say about their experiences working with Fluxergy.

"Fluxergy's technology has a great potential to start a new era in the diagnostic field. Fluxergy's portable, user-friendly, and cost-effective PCR technology provides highly accurate results in less than an hour, which is needed to control the spread of infectious diseases."

Dr. Lucjan Witkowski

Warsaw University of Life Sciences

“I love the Fluxergy Platform – I really do. You take your swab, mix it with the Fluxergy Reaction Mix, you load that in the test card, you stick it in the analyzer, and you wait an hour and the test is done. It’s really simple.”

Caroline Ignacio UCSD

UCSD Department of Medicine, CFAR Translational Virology Core​

“Two things about the Fluxergy system stand out, especially in the case of a viral pandemic: its accuracy using RT-PCR technology and its ability to deliver results in 1 hour at the point-of-care.”

Dr. David Smith UCSD


"The Fluxergy platform’s speed, with results in one hour, and accuracy by using qPCR molecular technology are potentially strong benefits for clincal settings, especially when a quick result is needed. I also see the future value of the multimodal technology where you could potentially have different types of tests on a single point-of-care platform."

Lee B. Springer C3

C3 Clincal Consulting Services

“I learned of Fluxergy’s technology when I was at Boehringer Ingelheim, and I was impressed about the opportunity for this point-of-care testing platform. I am happy to be involved on Fluxergy’s advisory board where I can bring my 20+ years of animal health and R&D experience. One of the big advantages of Fluxergy’s technology is that it is very easy to use. When veterinarians see horses with high fevers, its important that they can understand quickly what is going on.”

Dr. Randolph Seidler

Boehringer Ingelheim

"Our collaboration with Fluxergy began with our interest in integrating one of our lab tests on their point-of-care cycler, the Fluxergy Analyzer. We worked closely with Fluxergy expert team to make adjustments to the cycling conditions and fluorescence signal, which led to optimization of the sensitivity and result calling within just a few weeks. The Fluxergy team was professional, knowledgeable, and always available to assist with any questions or concerns that we had. We are truly grateful for their hard work and dedication."

Dr. Damian Hertig


"We were looking to test our SOLISFast DNA Polymerase PCR Master Mixes on a point-of-care system. Fluxergy's platform was an excellent choice for this test, as the Fluxergy Analyzer is compatible with different cycling protocols, allowing for expanded testing capabilities. The collaboration proved to be successful, as we were able to validate the efficacy of our reagents while Fluxergy was able to successfully import an OEM partner's testing assay to the Fluxergy Works platform.

Reet Link PHD

Solis Biodyne

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