Fluxergy: Human Diagnostics

Uniquely positioned to transform point-of-care testing. Fluxergy’s platform is perfect for human clinical testing with scalable and multimodal technology certified for diagnostic use.

Addressing the Needs of Human Diagnostic Testing


Test Multiple Parameters

The Fluxergy platform is a multimodal system that allows testing for a variety of targets.


Use Low-Cost Consumables

Fluxergy uses a highly integrated and manufacturable consumable for Sample-to-Answer testing.


Give Fast, Accurate, and Actionable Results

Ideal for point-of-care use, the Fluxergy platform can rapidly produce results in 15 to 45 minutes.


Easy to Use

Simple testing workflows for test kits and convenient Fluxergy Works software to securely manage, store, and data.

Who We Work With

Our Platform

fluxergy platform

Fluxergy’s simple workflow on a compact analyzer makes it ideal for use in laboratory or field settings. Potential environments  for rapid testing applications include emergency rooms, outpatient procedures, urgent care, workplace screening, mobile  testing, and community level testing settings.

Current diagnostic testing methodology is too slow and too inaccessible to address today’s dramatically changing healthcare challenges. Fluxergy’s platform technology provides fast, accurate, and low-cost tests at the point-of-care.

Available Assays

Covid-19 PCR: Available for use in CE:IVD*

Assays In Development

We are developing a Chronic Kidney Panel, HIV-1 Viral Load, and Respiratory PCR panel.  All on one analyzer that will be at the point-of-care.

Product Offerings


The Fluxergy Test Kit COVID-19  utilizes state-of-the-art Sample-to-Answer-RT-PCR and microfluidics technology.

blood sample

Flu / RSV / SARS-CoV-2 PCR Panel

In Development


Chronic Kidney Panel

In Development

doctor in vet

HIV-1 Viral Load

In Development

What Experts Say About Fluxergy

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*Only Fluxergy Test Kit COVID-19 has been approved for CE-IVD and is available for any markets that accept CE marking as the valid regulatory approval. All other products or any other markets are For Research Use Only (RUO) and are not for use in diagnostic procedures.