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Fluxergy is committed to providing educational resources to the equine veterinary community and offers FREE RACE-Approved online courses. View our collection of on-demand and virtual live webinars.

Fluxergy On-Demand RACE-Approved CE Courses

These courses are hosted by industry experts and key thought leaders. Courses are eligible for RACE CE Credit for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. To receive CE credit, please watch any on-demand course and complete our application form below.

 This session will provide an overview of key components of a hospital-based infection control program. Emphasis will be placed on a strategic approach to equine hospital biosecurity programs including patient housing strategies, surveillance techniques, environmental hygiene considerations, and education and awareness of personnel. Real-world examples will be used to highlight key considerations such as the source population for patients, prevailing environmental conditions (e.g., season), and ongoing disease events in the region.

* Pending CE Credit – 1 Hour

The objective of this course is to learn about the real-life scenarios that Dr. Nathan Slovis has experienced, and how to properly implement strategies for mitigating and preventing the spread of salmonella. Dr. Slovis will also discuss the emergence of Multidrug Resistant Salmonella noted in the equine population.

*CE Credit – 1 Hour

The objective of this course is to discuss the prevalence, spread, symptoms, impact and treatment of the different equine respiratory viruses including EHV-1, EHV-4, and S. equi. Learn about diagnosing procedures, preventative actions, and testing capabilities that can help produce positive outcomes.

*CE Credit – 1 Hour

The objective of this course is to discuss innovations in Salmonella testing within clinical environments. Learn why testing your hospital can better protect your patients.

*CE Credit – 1 Hour

The objective of this course is to discuss the lessons learned from the investigation and mitigation of a Salmonella outbreak that occurred in a veterinary teaching hospital.

*CE Credit – .5 Hour

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