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We Listened to Your Feedback | Fluxergy June 2022 Newsletter

June 1, 2022

We Listened to Your Feedback | Fluxergy June 2022 Newsletter

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June 1, 2022

We listened to your feedback…

Thank you for being an initial user of the Fluxergy Platform. We are excited to grow our portfolio and provide clinical and business benefits to your practices and clients.

In this initial release, we collected your feedback and listened to your requests to better serve the Equine community.

We received positive response about the ease of workflow with the Fluxergy Platform. Users of all scientific backgrounds, from experienced laboratory researchers to new student interns, were able to successfully run tests.

We also were given areas where we can improve. The most common recommendations are:

Deeper Software Integration into the Practice

Software ability to transfer results to common Veterinary Practice Management Systems to streamline record keeping.

Future Assays

In addition to the release of our Salmonella panel, there have been a multiple requests for development of metabolic, endocrine, diarrhea, and reproductive panels. Users have requested the release of our Respiratory Panel, in addition to the development of EHV-1, WBC, Inflammation Panel, and Strep. equi equi.

Other Sample Types

Practices are eager to use sample types like feces, rectal swabs, and diarrhea for clinical salmonella testing.

We plan on addressing these needs and creating a better user experience for the future. Thank you again for being a part of the Fluxergy community.

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