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Employee Spotlight - Victoria Niu

September 6, 2023
Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight - Victoria Niu

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September 6, 2023

“In college, the thought process I had (and that still have today) is that as long as you think logically and are willing to put in the hard work, everything will work itself out,” stated Victoria. This is a common mindset among Fluxergy employees, making the team willing to take risks and try new things. Victoria is a great example of this; she loves displaying her creativity and perfecting her work.

Victoria Niu is a part of the software department here at Fluxergy. She grew up in Beijing, China. After graduating from high school, Victoria went on to secure her bachelor’s degree in computer science at the Beijing University of Technology. She lived in the city until she was 20 years old, when she moved to the United States to attend the University of California-Irvine to complete her master's in software engineering. Victoria enjoyed this program because of the fast pace, which carried into her next position at Fluxergy. Victoria has not returned to Beijing since she moved; however, she plans on returning in February for the Spring Festival, also known as the Lunar New Year.

As a software engineer at Fluxergy, what does your job entail?

I am a full stack software engineer, so I mainly work on Fluxergy’s cloud-based software “Fluxergy Works”. The meaning of full stack is taking care of both the front-end and back-end of the UI. The front-end is essentially how the UI looks, while the back-end is how the UI operates. One cool project that we are working on right now is converting Fluxergy Works from being java-based to being web-based because we want our software to be more modern. The overall goal is to create a Fluxergy application.

Every so often, if another team at Fluxergy is experiencing difficulties with the software while performing experiments, I take on the responsibility of helping them adjust the inputs so they can complete their experiments.

How much collaboration do you have with your fellow software team members?

We usually work independently because separating the work makes us more efficient, but my team and I are very close. My team shares a lot of common interests aside from software and coding. I think that this is what really helped the team grow close so quickly because it gave us a lot to talk about. I think that the most collaborative work we do is just helping each other out if anyone is confused or needs a second opinion.

What is your favorite aspect of working in software at Fluxergy?

My team gives me a lot of trust. Even though I have never been an art student, I still have standards and really care about how the software looks, in addition to how it functions.  My team trusts me to care of and change the UI. I feel honored that they would trust me with the UI and am very prideful in my work because my team has really liked the changes that I’ve made to it.

What significant moment(s) in your life led you to consider your field of work?

I have chosen software because I like to create things. When I was an undergrad, I did a lot of photography, and I was 100% enjoying the creativity it brought me. Being a software engineer at fluxergy allows me to create new things – new software, new features, new ideas. This is something I would love to do. It’s a different creativity than photography but it’s new in its own way. Especially I think software changes people’s lives and makes them easier and more convenient.

Why did you choose to work at Fluxergy?

Fluxergy is developing new things and I am excited to be part of it. Some companies build software for other people, but Fluxergy is building something with their beliefs and passion in it. I am very motivated to work in this environment in which I am working with enthusiastic people every day.

How has your experience at Fluxergy been thus far?

I have had a great experience so far. My team members are friendly and helpful, and I have felt very welcomed; it’s nice working with others who have more experience in the software field because they have taught me how to fulfill certain tasks that I’ve had trouble with. When I first started at Fluxergy, I had a lot of questions about the software since Iht didn’t contribute to it, so I asked my colleagues and they taught me how to maneuver it. My colleagues have also helped me outside of work; for example, when I bought my first car, I didn’t know how to fix it in case of an emergency, so my teammates helped me out.

We all get along and have many similar interests and experiences. I feel that Fluxergy has a nice work environment.

How would you describe the company culture at Fluxergy?

Everyone is very nice and caring. I feel a general sense of community with the company, but especially with my department. One of my favorite memories so far is doing a potluck with my team members. Since we are from different cultures, we all decided to bring in foods that we enjoy sharing with each other. It’s refreshing seeing so much diversity and being able to openly share aspects of our cultures with each other.

Other than this potluck, my department has other team activities planned. I am also planning on going on a ski trip with my co-workers this coming winter during our holiday break.

I also feel that people at Fluxergy are really driven. For example, those in the Cytometry team often work and meet with my department. I am always so impressed by them, and it really shows how dedicated they are to their work because they have a vision; meeting with us is just one way they make sure that their vision becomes a reality.

What have been the biggest challenges you have faced at work?

I do remember when we were trying out the new tech stack that we wanted to use for the future Fluxergy Works program, we ran into some problems with it because it something that we hadn’t worked with before. I was really interested in figuring out the new stack, so I kept working with it until I finally figured out why there were issues with it. But overall, every time I run into some problems, for example, if there are any issues with the software, someone in my team is bound to know how to resolve them.

What have been your most significant contributions to Fluxergy?

I built a small app for the customer support department. This app was helpful for customers to be able to easily find which network their computers would have to be connected to for their analyzers to work and relay results to them. Other than that, I think that providing my opinion on the UI has been helpful in improving the software.

When you're at work, do you find yourself feeling engaged, motivated, or excited? What causes you to feel this way?

Yes. I like to finish tasks because it makes me feel accomplished and productive. I especially enjoy finishing many tasks on Fridays because it helps me enjoy the weekend more.

I feel excited by my work every day. I like how things are always changing because it gives me the opportunity to tweak certain features in the software. I also am constantly excited to show off my work once I feel that I have perfected it, it makes me feel very confident and eager for my next task.

What aspects of Fluxergy's values do you identify with?

I like to explore new things. In my position, I am working on making something new, so it allows me to learn a lot and explore new possibilities. Fluxergy is an innovative company; it embraces change and is open to new ideas. I personally like new things – I always describe it as liking the feeling of freshness or something that is untouched.

Which of your co-workers motivates and inspires you the most?

Honestly all of my co-workers motivate and inspire me. It’s because have so many more experiences than I do, not only in the software field but also in life.

What does your life outside of work look like?

I enjoy sports. I have played volleyball since I was in second grade, but when I moved to Irvine, I got into playing tennis as well. I’ve also recently begun snowboarding. I enjoy being active in general, so we like doing activities such as going to the gym and going on hikes. One non-active thing I like to do is photography.

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