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Streptococcus equi ss equi

On-site PCR results in 1 hour with a simple workflow

A simple and cost-effective method to detect the SeM/eqbE gene from an equine nasal swab sample.

Horse nose swab


"Having the capability to detect Streptococcus equi equi stall-side is an exciting step forward for equine diagnostic testing. The point-of-care PCR platform provides acceptable PCR performance when compared to traditional lab methods and provides an opportunity to save shipping costs and time for veterinarians."

Dr. Andrew Willis


Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals

"I have conducted research on the Fluxergy system for the past 3 years. Having the capability to have a patient-side, reliable, sensitive, and cost-effective molecular detection instrument can be a tremendous improvement in the diagnostic field. Fluxergy’s advanced technology can potentially be used on clinical and subclinical horses in order to allow for proper treatment and timely biosecurity. Fluxergy’s novel platform can turn a 1 to 3-day turnaround time into a 1-hour processing time."

Dr. Nicola Pusterla


UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

"Since adding the Fluxergy system to our practice, we've been able to enhance our biosecurity and confirm confidence in our disinfection protocols, allowing us to have more stalls readily available for sick horses in less time."

Dr. Jillian Minuto

Equine Internal Medicine, DVM, DACVIM

Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center

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