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Network connectivity

Can’t find your analyzer on Fluxergy Works? It’s probably because of a networking problem.

Most user networking issues come from their computer or analyzer being on different networks– They have to be on the same network in order to communicate. Since there’s no way to connect them directly, this means your going to need a router. (Said router is not provided with our device, though we do give a nice ethernet cable) You’ll then have to hard-wire our analyzer into that router, giving your computer the option to connect to that router wirelessly or also via ethernet.*

If you’re sure that your analyzer and computer are on the same network, but are still experiencing network issues, please contact us at customersupport@ For further instructions on installing our software or setting up your Analyzer, please go to their respective support pages.

*Please keep in mind that our analyzer does not have a static IP address. Through a little something called the dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP), it will automatically assign an IP address to the Analyzer once on the network.

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