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Indeterminate Results

Our device is solely intended to be used by healthcare professionals.

What does an Indeterminate Result mean?
An Indeterminate Test Result simply means that our Analyzer couldn’t determine if your sample was positive or negative.

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As seen in the above table, an Indeterminate Results just means that there were <2 Internal Control Fluorescence Channels that detected amplification, dipping below our minimum threshold to determine a result.

I’m getting a lot of Indeterminate Results (Error 626).
A potential cause of Indeterminate Results is improper Sample/Reaction Mixture preparation. Without precise procedures it is likely for your Test Card to lack enough genetic material to generate a statistically significant result. Check out our Testing Page (Support-> FAQs-> Testing) to learn more!

If your problem persists after following said procedures, the problem may lie elsewhere. Please contact us at customersupport@

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