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Quick tips (Getting Started)

Tip 1. Spin to win
SPIN! It’s critical to vortex your sample in the UTM for 90 seconds before dispensing your sample into the Reaction Mixture. This is to make sure any/all genetic material is dislodged. (P.S. Double-check your UTM vials have glass beads inside to disrupt the swab.)

Tip 2. Pipette, pipette, pipette
Make sure to get the full amount of the vortexed sample and the mixed Sample and Reaction mixture when pipetting! Missing fluids can impact your results.
Limit contact between the pipette and the insides of sample tubes to avoid contamination between tests.
Change pipette tips between each test.

Tip 3. Flick that tube
When mixing the Reaction Mixture and Sample, we recommend flicking their container tube 5x followed by a quick spin down via minicentrifuge. Do not vortex the Reaction Mixture as this could potentially impact the performance of the test.

Tip 4. Thaw that Mixture!
Thaw your reaction mixture before setting up the test! It takes a while for it to liquify, so thawing it beforehand can save you some precious time.

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