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Quick tips (Fluxergy Works)

Tip 1. LABEL your analyzers
With multiple analyzers, it’s easy to lose track of which is which. Try giving them numbers (or cute names!) to make your testing experience easier.

Tip 2. NAME your tests
Each test name and test card barcode must be unique when running a test in Fluxergy Works. If you’re rerunning a sample, we recommend labeling it as ‘TestName_RERUN’. (P.S. If there’s any private information you don’t want to send, place it in the Sample ID field.)

Tip 3. Test one, Run fast
Setting up a single test at a time limits the potential for errors during setups. Potential mistakes from setting up multiple tests could include leaving the Reaction Mixture out for too long and losing PCR performance, confusing inputs samples, or selecting the wrong analyzer for a test.

After selecting your Analyzer on Fluxergy Works, it’s important to act fast. You only have 4 minutes & 30 seconds* after being prompted to load the test card before being timed out. If this happens, your test card serial number and Fluxergy Card will no longer be usable. This is to prevent the Reaction Mixture from being at room temperature for extended periods of time.

Don’t mix this up with Fluxergy Works automatic logout feature! Fluxergy Works logs users out after 5 minutes of inactivity, but if your test has already started it will still be in progress no matter what user account is accessed on the control computer.

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