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Installing our software

It’s time to download our Fluxergy Works software! (For customers who ordered a separate device/laptop to come with our analyzer, your software will come pre-installed.)

  1. Download and install the Fluxergy Works software.
    You will be prompted to input your unique serial number into Fluxergy Works. This is needed to create your secure account and register your computer/laptop onto our software. Please note!
    • This is a one-time activation process that requires an internet connection.
    • Double-check that ports 80 (http) and 443 (https) are open with your IT department.
    • Upon activation, internet access will no longer be necessary.
  2. After installation, create an administrator account
    The Admin account created during your installation will be your Master Administrator, and cannot be edited by other administrator accounts. As we currently do not support a password reset of this Master account, Fluxergy recommends creating a secondary administrator account immediately after install. Not doing so runs the risk of losing all administrative access.
  3. Done! Enjoy your access to Fluxergy Works.
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