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Adding Users

If you’re using our analyzer with a team, you can give each member their own Fluxergy Works user account! Just follow these steps.

  1. Add New User
    In Fluxergy Works, click the “Admin” tab on the left side dashboard. You will now see a “User” tab on the upper portion of your screen, that will provide an option called “Add New User”. Select it.
  2. Add User Info.
    Add your new user’s name, email, user ID, and password. Choose the level of functionality you want for this user.
    Administrator– Users can add devices, remove devices, add users, remove users, view device statuses, edit user information, run tests, and view test results.
    Technician– Users can view device statuses, run tests, and view test results.
    All user types can delete tests from the test history listing.
  3. Finish up
    Select “Add”. Your new user will display in the “User” tab, and will now be able to login to Fluxergy Works with their unique user ID and password.
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