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Things you’ll need

As our device is designed for professional use, we assume that our users will have standard laboratory equipment. To give a better idea of everything you’ll need (that’s not included in your delivery), here’s a handy list.

  • Sample Collection Materials: A polyester, rayon, or nylon-flocked swab with 80mm breakoff point (not cotton) and 3 mL of Universal Transport Media (UTM), Universal Viral Transport (UTV, BD), or Universal Transport Solution (Puritan) per sample.
  • Positive Control
  • Negative Control
  • Barcode scanner (Generally available for phones on the App Store)
  • Laptop including Fluxergy Works Software
  • Router to support your network
  • Minivortexer (FisherBrand Part No. 14-955-151 or equivalent)
  • Micropipettes (20 µL and 200 µL) and associated pipette tips. Fluxergy can also provide 14 µL and 130 µL fixed-volume pipettes for purchase.
  • -20° C manual defrost freezer
  • Instructions and Documents
    • Instructions for Use, SDS, Patient Fact Sheet, Healthcare Provider Fact Sheet and additional resource documents can be found here.
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