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How do I run a test?

This guide was designed for COVID-19 PCR testing users.

Before running a test, there’s some things to do.

  1. Prepare a sample. Check out our Support page for that!
  2. Have a Fluxergy Test Card ready
  3. Thaw Fluxergy CoVID-19 Sample-to-Answer-RT-PCR Reaction Mixture at room temperature before use (5 min). Ensure that the Reaction Mixture is completely thawed and use immediately. (Do not vortex the Reaction Mixture).
  4. Make sure that your Fluxergy Analyzer is ON and connected to Fluxergy Works.

Let’s get started! Take your prepped sample and transfer it into the UTM vial by snapping at the red scoring point and close the lid tightly. Do not discard sample after use in case follow-up testing is needed.

  • Now, open Fluxergy Works on your computer and login to your user account. On the left-hand sidebar, click “Run Test”. You’ll now see the option to “Scan or enter information” next to a barcode icon. Scan the barcode on the Fluxergy Test Card or Individual Test Card Package to input the Serial Number.
  • Next, type in “Test Name” and enter Sample-specific information in the “Notes” section. If this test is a retest, append the test name with “_Retest”.

BEFORE PROCEEDING FURTHER! Finish reading this article. Double-check that you have everything ready and prepared in a clean testing environment. After clicking “RUN TEST” and being prompted to insert a Fluxergy Test Card, you will only have 4 minutes to insert a test card and run your test. (This is to make sure that all test results are valid.)

  • Click “RUN TEST” at the bottom right, and select the analyzer that you want to run this test on. Fluxergy Works will automatically filter unavailable devices.
  • You will now be prompted to insert a Fluxergy Test Card, and have 4 minutes to do so. The clock is ticking, so immediately proceed to the next steps.
  • With your fully-thawed PCR Reaction Mixture, briefly spin down the reaction mixture tube using a mini-centrifuge. (For exact specs. on this centrifuge, go to our “Things You’ll Need” page).
  • Switch over to your swab sample (now in the UTM vial) and vortex it for ~90 seconds to dislodge genetic material. If your sample sits still for a period of time in any of the following steps, re-vortex for 3 seconds.
  • Mix the sample and RM by gently flicking the bottom of the tube 5 times. Briefly spin down using the mini centrifuge to get residual fluid off cap and walls of the tube.
  • Place your Fluxergy Test Card on a flat, clean surface.
  • Carefully dispense 130 μL into the loading port of the Fluxergy test card.
  • Press the plastic cap onto the loading port of the Fluxergy test card.
  • Once the Fluxergy Test Card is loaded and the cap placed onto the loading port, do not invert, shake, or drop the test card. Such movement can adversely affect your test results.
  • Insert the now-loaded Fluxergy Test Card into the Fluxergy Analyzer, and click “OK” on Fluxergy Works to begin your test.

Your test is now running! For a COVID-19 PCR Test, you can expect it to be complete in ~ 1 hour. Tests in progress can be viewed in your Fluxergy Works dashboard.

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