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What is the Fluxergy Platform?

Our device is solely intended to be used by healthcare professionals.

The Fluxergy Platform is small analyzer (26.19cm x 13.13cm x 25.80cm) that can test multiple parameters and quickly give actionable results. Our testing System consists of the Fluxergy Analyzer, Fluxergy Card, and our software platform Fluxergy Works.

The Analyzer: An adaptable multimodal technology that you can start using in minutes. With a highly integrated detection system our analyzer can deliver test results within an hour.

The Card: A single-use “lab-on-chip” consumer technology. One card is being designed run individual or combination panels for molecular tests (PCR), Immunochemistry tests (to measure proteins), Chemistry tests (for analytes likes electrolytes), and imaging cytometry tests.

The Works: A user interface capable of analyzing and disseminating data to you, our users. Designed to show the results you need, Fluxergy Works is an easy-to-use analysis and cybersecurity communication platform for test data.

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