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Pricing options

Our device is solely intended to be used by healthcare professionals.

Fluxergy offers a variety of multimodal Fluxergy Cards and reaction mixes to suit your testing needs. In order to find the best pricing option for you, please contact us for special pricing quotes for both the Fluxergy Analyzer and Test Components! To get a good estimate however, feel free to browse our pricing structures.

Human (COVID-19)

*At the end of the twelve month period, the Actual Unit Price for Product will be established based on the schedule presented in the Proposal and the actual ordered volume. If the Actual Unit Price exceeds the Projected Unit Price, COMPANY will pay FLUXERGY the difference in price times the numbers of units ordered. If the Projected Unit Price exceeds the Actual Unit Price, FLUXERGY will refund to COMPANY the difference in price times the number of units ordered. Shipment: Incoterms Ex Works Share (EXW).

Veterinary (Equine)

*The above prices are subject to change and are based off our S. Equi Reaction Mix and 6-Well PCR Test Card. Fluxergy does not sell diagnostic test kits for animals and no Fluxergy products have been cleared or approved by the USDA for any use. Fluxergy’s current veterinary product offerings are limited to individual laboratory components for use by experienced professional users in developing their own laboratory tests for research or animal use. v. 4-09-21

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