The Fluxergy Analyzer platform combines the capabilities of many machines into one multimodal system, delivering more affordable laboratory-quality test results and actionable metrics in 60 minutes or less.

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Use Fluxergy’s 1 hour PCR CE-IVD approved COVID-19 test. Our highly sensitive assay has been shown to detect all variants and is ideal for use in laboratory, hospitals, pharmacies, and physician office laboratory.

COVID-19 PCR Test Kit (Available)

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Fluxergy is developing a variety of assays for in-clinic and on-farm testing to help veterinarians make better decisions. Rapid tests, direct PCR, molecular detection tests are readily available on our assay platform or currently in development.
Equine Assays (Available)  | Canine & Feline Vector Borne Panel (In Development)

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Introducing stall-side PCR and multimodal testing for equine veterinarians. Fluxergy offers an assay menu that will address infectious pathogens and general health markers on a single analyzer.
Salmonella  (Available)   |   Equine EHV-1  (In Development)   |   Streptococcus equi equi  (In Development) |  Inflammation Panel   (In Development)

Food Safety

Fluxergy testing tools can analyze food samples directly for targets like harmful pathogens, biological and chemical toxins, allergens, and contaminates.
Environmental Salmonella  (Certification in Progress)  |  Lysteria spp. (In Development) 

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The first open access program for diagnostics. Work with us to meet the point-of-care testing needs of communities and markets around the world.  Learn More>>

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