Fluxergy User Training Program


All Fluxergy Device users must be trained and provided training certificates to perform Fluxergy Tests. Training with Fluxergy is critical for testing success.


Before Training

Preparing for Fluxergy Installation and Training

Training Agenda
Laboratory Set-Up
Training Material

During Training

Installation and Training

User Performed Testing

After Training

Follow-up Meeting and Certification

Fluxergy Certification

Preparing for Fluxergy Training and Installation​

Fluxergy User Pre-Installation and Training Checklist

General Training Agenda

Who needs to be trained?

All prospective Fluxergy users must be trained and certified for Fluxergy testing.

Meeting Agenda

Introductions + How to Run a Test (1.5 hr)
  • Laboratory Practices
  • Handling and Using Fluxergy Test Kit Components
Testing + Results Interpretation (1.5 hr)
  • Running a Test
  • Reviewing Results
Troubleshooting (30 min)
  • What can cause test result errors?
  • How to Resolve an Error

Training Follow-up Meeting

Confirmation of testing success, discussion on testing confidence, questions/feedback will be addressed with a Fluxergy representative. Confirmation of testing success is required for Fluxergy Training Certification.

Laboratory Set-Up

Space Considerations

Do you have enough benchtop space available for the analyzer, test cards, laboratory consumables, and performing tests?

Review your laboratory space and confirm that you have a dedicated space for the analyzer, laboratory consumables, and performing a test. The analyzer should be set on a stable, dry surface. For laboratory consumables, please see Other Laboratory Materials Required.



How far will your analyzer be from your nearest available ethernet port?

The analyzer must be connected via ethernet. Please be aware that if your analyzer is located over 10 feet from an available ethernet port on your router or switch, Fluxergy may not be able to install your analyzer without an appropriately sized ethernet port.

Other Laboratory Materials Required

Not all testing material is provided by Fluxergy. Please review Materials Required but not Provided section in your test kit’s Instructions for Use. Consult with your Fluxergy Representative for any materials not accessible by your usual laboratory supplier.

Computer and Network Considerations

Do you have a computer available for Fluxergy testing?

Fluxergy Works software for managing and performing test runs is required to be downloaded on laptop, desktop, or tablet. The computer must run on Windows operating system.

Do you have an IT team?

Please provide contact information for your dedicated IT person.

Are you connected to internet?

Connection to internet is highly recommended for automatic software updates and improved customer support experience.

Review Training Material

Review documents listed on the Fluxergy Training page that are relevant to your testing.

  • Fluxergy Analyzer 
  • Fluxergy Works Software Program
  • Your Fluxergy Test Kit(s)

Fluxergy Manuals and Training Resources

Installation and Training

Fluxergy will require at least 3 hours total of training with the user(s). 

Fluxergy will discuss where to find all information on our website and best means of communication for continued support.

During the Training session, all analyzer users will perform at least 1 test with Fluxergy. The organization is expected to run an external control test following the training session with Fluxergy.

Follow-up Meeting and Certification

Fluxergy will plan to schedule a meeting with users to understand any gaps in training, any questions or issues, or any supplemental support needed. 

This meeting is required to receive a Fluxergy Certificate of Training.

Fluxergy Feedback and Request Survey

Your input is important! Let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback for any of our products and services.