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About Fluxergy

Fluxergy started 10 years ago by Ryan Revilla and Tej Patel with a vision to democratize the world of laboratory testing, by making testing more accessible and affordable. Fluxergy’s platform technology enables us to understand our world and our health in ways which were never possible before.

John Tu joined the Fluxergy team as the primary investor allowing Fluxergy to leverage his team’s knowledge and experience in the semiconductor industry to support Fluxergy’s scale up, enabling our ability to create scalable low-cost technologies anyone can use.   

Since Fluxergy has started, we have grown from a team of three in a garage to 80+ employees at Fluxergy’s technology and manufacturing campus totaling 70,000 sq. ft, cGMP-compliant and ISO13485:2016/MDSAP-certified. Our combined 27000 sq. ft state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and 16000 sq. ft. innovation development facility allow Fluxergy to continually develop new and exciting technologies that bring the lab closer to you.

The Fluxergy Testing System consists of The Fluxergy Card, a single-use “lab-on-chip” consumable test cartridge; the Fluxergy Analyzer, which conducts the testing process, and Fluxergy Works software is used to review and interpret the test data. The Fluxergy Cards are multi-modal (meaning different types of diagnostic tests can be run simultaneously) and designed to be very cost-effective and scalable, using proprietary printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing and microfluidics technologies. Fluxergy Works enables organizations to link together via the Cloud as many as 256 Fluxergy Analyzers for centralized data reporting.

Fluxergy Reaction Mix

DNA or RNA-specific primer and probe sets that allow you to develop tests for genes of microbes, viruses, and more.

Fluxergy Card

A single-use, highly integrated consumable, allowing for rapid PCR results and simplifying tedious traditional workflows.

Fluxergy Analyzer 

The Fluxergy Analyzer is a multi-functional lab device that can conduct real-time PCRs.

Fluxergy Works 

Our cybersecure user interface capable of analyzing and disseminating data to users.