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Equine Inflammation Panel Fluxergy Test Kit

A simple and cost-effective testing solution for multiple acute phase proteins. Evaluating acute and chronic inflammation utilizing lateral flow technology.

  • Rapid Test Results: Provide stall-side care and receive a comprehensive view of the inflammation status of the horse in 20 minutes.

  • Detects SAA and Fibrinogen in 10 minutes.

  • Sample Types: Venous equine whole blood or plasma.

  • Measure concentration of markers over time to track treatment efficacy.

  • Minimal hands-on time per sample.

No Fluxergy products have been cleared or approved by the USDA for veterinary diagnostic use. Fluxergy’s current veterinary product offerings are limited to
individual laboratory components for use by experienced professional users in developing their own laboratory tests for research or animal use.


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Test TypeImmunoassay, LFA
Assay TargetsSAA, Fibrinogen
Time to Result15 minutes
Sample Prepno sample prep: mix sample with buffer, add to card
Sample Typewhole blood or plasma
Req. Sample Volume< 100 uL
Operating/Usage Humidity20% – 80%
Analytical Sensitivity (LOD)

Fibrinogen: 0 – 2000 mg/dL  

SAA: 0 – 4000 ug/dL

Precision Reproducibility≤10% CV within dynamic range
Storageroom temperature
Format100 Pack
Reader CompatibilityFluxergy Analyzer
Cartridge CompatibilityFluxergy LFA Card
Desired Operating Conditionslaboratory, mobile truck
Desired ParametersImmunoglobulin
Analyzer Size26.19 cm x 13.13 cm x 25.80 cm
Analyzer Weight 6.8 kg
Power Input 12V DC, 7A
Operating Temp10° – 30°C
Storage Temp15° – 30°C
Operating Humidity10% – 85%
LOD0.3 TCID50 / mL
Computer Reqs. (Recommended)
OS must be 64-bit, Windows 10+. Intel i5 2.5GHz or equivalent, 8GB DDR4 RAM, HDD: 250 GB, Screen 1080p, USB: 2×2.0 port, Networking: Ethernet port

Ideal for Sub-Clinical and Clinical Testing

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A high-quality inflammation panel for on-site care for cases like:

  • Monitoring post-operative complications
  • Pneumonia 
  • Cellulitis
  • BALs

Frequently Asked Questions

Identifying sub-clinical inflammation can lead to improved patient outcomes. In clinical cases, monitoring dual fibrinogen and SAA testing enables continued tracking of treatment efficacy.

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