4 Tips for Salmonella PCR Testing Success | Fluxergy July 2022 Newsletter

vet and horse

Fluxergy Newsletter | July 2022 

4 Tips for Salmonella PCR Testing Success

Mitigate invalid results with these 4 simple best-practices that will improve your process:

horse stall

Tip 1: Clean and Dry

After rinsing disinfectant agent during cleaning, let the stall dry and then swab. The sponge swab is rated for 100 linear inches of surface area. Ensure the sample is collected from the most likely locations where Salmonella may be present.

blood sample

Tip 2: No Contaminants

Avoid introducing exogeneous material not indicated in the Salmonella IFU interfering agent list into PCR reaction. For example: Horse shavings, feed, and corrosive detergents, such as bleach, contain compounds that can impede PCR enzyme activity. Limited PCR activity can result in no amplification, which will give an invalid result.


Tip 3: Incubate

Incubation temperature and time is key for ensure optimal conditions for bacterial culture in the selenite broth. Keep a thermometer in your incubator to ensure the temperature is stable.

Tip 4: Aerate

Aeration is required for Salmonella bacteria to grow during culture. Keep the cap of the selenite broth tube loose during incubation period. 1 turn counterclockwise is sufficient.

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